“Isn’t the mind a wonderful thing? No matter what your beliefs or lack thereof, good and evil takes refuge in it, and there it meets choice. Do you still know the difference between good and evil, King Alexander? What will you choose?” -Josephus, live to tell the tale


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marinus mans


Most people who know me will tell you that I have an inextinguishable passion and indomitable enthusiasm for music. I’ve been a part-time rock journalist in the South African music scene for the past five years, but few people know that I’ve also been writing science-fiction in my spare time. My first novel named Live to Tell the Tale is in the final stages of being completed and I’m already working on the sequel. It’s been an incredible journey for me and I hope you enjoy the final product.

“My grandmother used to say that if everyone laughed at everything and everyone, no-one would argue with anyone, and if everyone really laughed at themselves, they would realise they’re just like everyone else.” - Guni Botha, Live to Tell the Tale



lend me your ears.